Almot Auto


Almot Auto offers a highly specialized distribution of tires and rims as well as high-quality production of wheels for dealer networks and large fleets.

Our history dates back to 2005. The highest value on which we build our brand and lasting relationships with clients is trust. We have proved to be a solid and credible partner impressing with a quality of cooperation. We are consistently following this path into our future. Positive opinions, commendations, awards and recommendations from partners from all over the country are extremely encouraging and motivating for us.

We invest in our team, distribution systems and tools to be able to give even more value to our clients. We care about continuous development coming up with new initiatives that will not only fit into the market needs but will be our trademark and pathway to future success. We Listen to our customer needs.

Modern business does not accept compromise. What counts is the maximum choice, availability and speed of implementation. We are aware that our partners expect us to be fully committed, determined and reliable. The strength of Almot Auto is its ability to meet these expectations.

We strive to provide more valued solutions to our Customers which translates into the success of our clients, and every success, even the smallest one, gives us great joy and satisfaction.

In 2022 we became the winner of the prestigious Forbes Diamond award. This is awarded to Private Polish Companies. It is a distinction and honour for us but also a confirmation that we have chosen the right direction.

We invite you to cooperate and join us on our journey into the future.
Almot Auto team

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Aldona Laczycka

President of the Board

Sebastian Filipek

Member of the Board

Specialized wheel production and tire distribution